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      Coro-n-avirus Update

      Fol-low-ing gov-ern-ment guide-lines for Covid-19 (coro-n-avirus), the LEAF office at Stoneleigh Park, War-wick-shire, will be manned with a skele-ton staff until fur-ther notice.

      Mea-sures have been put in place to ensure that all staff remain avail-able to respond and con-tin-ue to work with you, our farm-ers, mem-bers and stake-hold-ers, dur-ing these times. The LEAF head office num-ber (02476 413911) will remain open and our gen-er-al enquiries email address ([email protected]?leafuk.?) will con-tin-ue to be mon-i-tored from 9am-5pm Mon-day to Fri-day. Alter-na-tive-ly, head over to the ?Meet The Team” page to find out who you can con-tact directly.

      We apol-o-gise in advance for any delay in cor-re-spon-dence and any incon-ve-nience that this may cause and we thank you for your patience, under-stand-ing and con-tin-ued sup-port dur-ing this time.

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      Annu-al Review 2020

      In a year dom-i-nat-ed by Coro-n-avirus and Brex-it, LEAF’s 2020 Annu-al Review looks back at the achieve-ments of LEAF mem-bers and projects through-out the year.

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      LEAF for the Future

      Our 10-Year Strat-e-gy 20212031 is an advance-ment of our work in devel-op-ing and pro-mot-ing more sus-tain-able agri-cul-ture through Inte-grat-ed Farm Man-age-ment. We will sup-port the deliv-ery of Pos-i-tive Action for Cli-mate, Nature, Econ-o-my and Soci-ety based on our core work and the prin-ci-ples of Cir-cu-lar Agri-cul-ture as set out in our Vision and Mission.

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      Become a LEAF Friend

      Become a LEAF Friend today. Your dona-tion helps LEAF:

      ? Deliv-er envi-ron-men-tal-ly sus-tain-able food and farming

      ? Invite fam-i-lies to vis-it farms on LEAF Open Farm Sunday

      ? Con-nect chil-dren with farm-ing, food pro-duc-tion and nature

      ? Build knowl-edge and co-ordi--nate research

      ? Devel-op LEAF Demon-stra-tion Farms

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      LEAF Speak Out Toolk-it launched

      LEAF’s new online com-mu-ni-ca-tions toolk-it has been launched. Writ-ten and devel-oped by lead-ing agri-cul-tur-al com-mu-ni-ca-tions experts, it is packed full of easy-to-use guid-ance and resources, pro-vid-ing step by step sup-port for farm-ers and researchers, help-ing them think about com-mu-ni-ca-tions at every stage and pro-vid-ing guid-ance on best prac-tice. It offers a range of inter-ac-tive tools, tem-plates and sup-port mate-ri-als to help devel-op com-mu-ni-ca-tions skills, craft mes-sages, map audi-ences and address their indi-vid-ual needs.

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      Read the lat-est sus-tain-able farm-ing features

      LEAF event scopes out chal-lenges and oppor-tu-ni-ties to achiev-ing more sus-tain-able farming 

      Lead-ing sus-tain-able farm-ing an-i-sa-tion LEAF (Link-ing Envi-ron-ment And Farm-ing) is invit-ing farm-ers and indus-try experts to attend its upcom-ing flagship…

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      The Impor-tance of Soil at Greenseed

      Ralph Grind-ing Farm Man-ag-er at Col-lege Farm gives us some insight into how soil is man-aged through the imple-men-ta-tion of…

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      Car-o-line Drum-mond award-ed the 2019 Farm-ers Week-ly Life-time Achieve-ment Award

      We are very proud to announce that our Chief Exec-u-tive, Car-o-line Drum-mond, has been award-ed the 2019 Farm-ers Week-ly Lifetime…

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      Read the lat-est sus-tain-able sup-ply-ing features

      16 years on over 900 farm-ing busi-ness-es engaged with the LEAF Mar-que assur-ance system

      LEAF (Link-ing Envi-ron-ment And Farm-ing) has released its sev-enth Glob-al Impacts Report – ?Deliv-er-ing More Sus-tain-able Food and Farm-ing’ revealing…

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      Max-imis-ing per-for-mance from grass at North Bell-shill Farm

      Max-imis-ing per-for-mance from grass at North Bell-shill Farm, Northum-ber-land with John Ren-ner, LEAF Demon-stra-tion Farmer. With thanks to Whit-ley Animal…

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      Deliv-er-ing More Sus-tain-able Food and Farm-ing?—?LEAF’s Glob-al Impacts Report 2019

      Launch video for LEAF’s Glob-al Impacts Report 2019?—?Deliv-er-ing More Sus-tain-able Food and Farm-ing. Con-vey-ing the key stats from…

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      Read the lat-est sus-tain-able eat-ing and liv-ing features

      Lat-est LEAF Open Farm Sun-day 2019 Fig-ures Released 

      For the fifth year run-ning, over a quar-ter of a mil-lion peo-ple con-nect-ed with farm-ing on LEAF Open Farm Sunday.…

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      #Far-m-My-Food GCSE Activ-i-ty Day?—?LEAF Education

      #Far-m-My-Food which took place on Fri-day 21st June at Elve-den Estate, offered an immer-sive and inter-ac-tive day for 13?–?15 year…

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      Nation-al Farm-ing Com-pe-ti-tion Con-nects Teenagers with Farm-ing and Food Production 

      A nation-al farm-ing com-pe-ti-tion to bring teenagers clos-er to farm-ing and how their food is pro-duced, took place last weekend…

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      Help sup-port LEAF

      LEAF sup-ports the indus-try to adopt more sus-tain-able farm-ing prac-tices and encour-age con-sumers to make more sus-tain-able food choices.

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